David Saltzman

Founder & CEO
The Saltzman Group

As a nationally-published monthly columnist for more than 20 years, an accomplished stage and keynote speaker, and a seasoned marketer, David has always understood the deep motivational power of stories. On his podcast, he has interviewed more than 350 entrepreneurs and learned how they use stories effectively to achieve their success.

In his sales and management career, he understood how stories with the “main character” (the prospect or client) positioned properly helped them see the value he brought and envision how he could help them create the future they wanted.

For the past 15 years, he has focused on helping others create story-based marketing that cuts through the noise in their marketplaces and that creates that first step toward the enduring relationships on which careers and lives are built.

As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, David and his team employ the StoryBrand framework to structure and focus the story their clients use to win business and attract customers. He helps his clients understand that their prospects are laser-focused on two things: surviving and thriving, and that if you confuse – you will lose.

In his engagements he ensures that the stories his clients tell are crafted to resonate with those needs. Making his clients the guide in the story they create and positioning their prospect as the hero of their own story is a winning formula that differentiates, engages, and sells.

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