Deb Ault

Founder & President
Ault International Medical Management


Deborah Ault Founder & President Ault International Medical Management Deborah Ault (aka Nurse Deb) has been a Registered Nurse for thirty years. Before getting into Care Management, her bedside nursing experience included ER, ICU, Doctor’s Office, Home Health, and Telephone Triage. Now she is the President of Ault International Medical Management (aka AIMM). Her team of nurses and doctors helps patients navigate both the health delivery and the health insurance systems. By ensuring that the right patients are getting the right care at the right time in the right place and at the right price, AIMM creates situations where the patient, provider, and plan all win! She is the author of 16 published outcome case studies as well as several editorials/articles and is a sought-after public speaker on these topics. Her passion and dedication to managed care has driven her success in the industry, saving employer-sponsored health plans countless dollars and improving the quality of patient care. 

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