Paul Seegert

PCS Sales Development Group

After serving as a Russian intelligence analyst, Paul became a leader for a national insurance company. During his tenure, he built two of their top 10 offices in the US.

Five years later, Paul left and started a firm to fix the healthcare payment model. Even after the startup years, the company grew at more than 20% annually with a 40% margin and was in the top 10% nationally – all the result of organic growth.

The path to success was not without bumps, and in 2017 Paul found himself starting a new agency. In three and a half years, Paul realized one of his bucket list goals and sold it for 8 figures. 

At the request of others in the industry, Paul started a marketing firm that white labels his sales and marketing system. That firm has campaigns running in more than 50 metro areas in the USA.

Paul is a nationally recognized expert who regularly appears in the media including Wharton Business Daily, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, Newsmax, Cheddar TV, The Wall Street Journal and many others. 

Paul is a father of five and a student pilot—so he can work and still be home in time for dinner.

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