Leading NextGen Benefits advisers, healthcare consultants, solution providers, and experts are actively educating business leaders and working with organizations (large and small) all across the U.S. to control and reduce healthcare costs while simultaneously enhancing the quality, accessibility, and affordability for employees.

The key to expanding this “benefits revolution” is ensuring that worthwhile strategies, programs, products, methods, and tools are shared with those individuals who are on the frontlines and most capable of educating business leaders to affect real change in the marketplace – those individuals being benefit advisors and consultants.

Armed with the right knowledge and tools described throughout Benefits Revolution: The Next Generation of Employer-Sponsored Healthcare, advisors can analyze a company’s medical and pharmacy claims data to provide executives a comprehensive understanding of their company’s healthcare cost drivers and prime savings opportunities. These advisers will be able to position themselves to work with the c-suite and human resources to deliver better, less expensive healthcare; make healthcare a controllable cost; and eliminate overspend.

There is no shortage of strategies and solutions available for advisors to share with their clients; the challenge is in understanding the variety of different options, and then choosing the right partners to work with. Benefits Revolution offers a meaningful shortcut to this process by giving the reader the opportunity to educate themselves on a number of different solutions and providers to help them identify what and who they need to engage.

Welcome to the “Benefits Revolution”!

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